Weather clears enough to launch helicopters in search for missing Littleton climber in Russia

We are getting our first look at conditions on top of Mt. Elbrus in Russia, where Littleton police officer Steven Beare is thought to be missing.

Beare set out on June 14th to solo-climb the 18,510 foot peak. According to reports from other climbers, Beare was spotted heading up toward the summit as a snowstorm approached, forcing other groups to return to camp.

He has not been seen or heard from since.

“I just wish I could see in a crystal ball just a snapshot of him, what he looks like right now,” wife Olivia Beare told FOX31.

On Friday, a full week after Beare was first reported missing, American mountaineer Don Bowie arrived in Russia to lead a private search and rescue mission. He has posted pictures and videos to Facebook documenting the efforts.

“You can really see how grandiose it is and all the different terrain they’re dealing with,” Olivia said.

For the first time, hired helicopters were able to launch and search for signs of Beare from overhead. There are also several coordinated groups of hired rescuers and volunteers combing the mountain on foot.

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