US Presidential VH-92A on track for milestone C assessment in 2019

Sikorsky is now four years into its $1.2 billion engineering and manufacturing development contract to replace the in-service U.S. presidential helicopter fleet with its VH-92A. Col. Eric Ropella, the U.S. Marine Corps VH-92A program manager, in a briefing at Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space exposition Tuesday said negotiations are ongoing to acquire 21 total helicopters, contingent on VH-92A achieving milestone C status.

The presidential helicopter replacement program was awarded to Sikorsky in May 2014, to replace the Marine Helicopter Squadron One’s current in-service fleet of VH-3D and VH-60N helicopters. Sikorsky is using a variant of its S-92A, modified with government defined mission systems and executive interior for the VH-92A, which completed its first flight in July 2017.

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