Uber’s ‘flying taxis’ will be built by these five aerospace companies

Uber held its second annual “flying taxi” conference in Los Angeles this week, so we have a bunch of cool new concept images of weird, drone-helicopter hybrids that you could use to fly across town sometime in the next decade. Or not! Who knows if this thing will get off the ground? But if it does, it will be because of these five companies.

Embraer and Pipistrel Aircraft, two aircraft manufacturers that are working with Uber, released new concept images of aircraft they plan on building for the ride-hailing company’s ambitious project. And California-based Karem, which is the latest aircraft manufacturer to partner with Uber, had a new vehicle to show off as well.
Electric flight is still in the very early stages of development, and it’s not clear whether the technology, regulatory, and infrastructure hurdles can be overcome in time to meet Uber’s schedule. That said, Uber has assembled an impressive lineup of aircraft equipment manufacturers to help realize its vision of urban air mobility.

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