U.S. Army looking to buy 150 helicopters for allies and government agencies

It’s looking bright for the helicopter industry as the U.S. Army is planning on purchasing 150 helicopters for their allies and ‘other government agencies,’ according to The Drive.

The Army’s plan to is deliver 150 helicopters over a period of five years according to an announcement that the Army made on FedBizOpps, which is the federal government’s main website for contracting services. Traditionally, the Army has worked with Bell Helicopter to satisfy their needs, but they are required by law to give industry rivals a chance to make competing bids.

While the Army has not specifically said where these new helicopters will be delivered, The Drive has made some predictions. One potential candidate for new helicopters is the Customs and Border Protection. The agency operates a large fleet of Huey IIs and will likely be needing more as President Donald Trump continues to focus on border security. Customs and Border Protection uses the Huey IIs to keep track of activity along the U.S. boundary with Mexico. In addition, some of the newly purchased helicopters will likely make their way to the State Department to replace their aging Hueys.

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