Trump helicopter accident kept under wraps

It has emerged that one of President Trump’s personal helicopters was involved in an accident last month in New York City.

The helicopter’s tail rotor hit a fence during landing at the West Side Heliport, on the Hudson River, in Manhattan on 15th June. According to witnesses, damage to the aircraft was severe enough to require it to be grounded and subject to repairs.

“This accident was the result of a bad landing; the helicopter’s tail rotor hit the fence and came off,” said one witness. “It is not believed anyone was hurt, but the first concern was to tape up the helicopter so nobody could see it was Trump’s as it was lifted up and out by crane.”

The President’s daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, were initially rumoured to have been aboard at the time, but this has subsequently been denied. Although the President is required to travel via Air Force One and Marine One, members of his family are permitted to use his personal fleet of helicopters, which includes two 1989 Sikorsky S-76Bs and a 1990 Sikorsky S-76B.

The US Federal Aviation Authority has confirmed it is investigating the accident.

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