Personal helicopters could be the flying cars of the future

It’s a Jetsons-style dream that has been promised to urbanites for decades: Skip the congested streets by flying above them in a personal helicopter for a fast, painless commute.

In a few massive cities, most notably São Paulo, Brazil, commuting by helicopter is a reality for the wealthy. Since last year, São Paulo has even had a on-demand helicopter service operated by Voom, a project of Airbus’s Silicon Valley development outpost.

For most of us that dream is still far away as we pack into buses or trains to get to work or spend too much time stuck in traffic on the freeway. But at CES two weeks ago, a few exhibitors showed how they plan to bring the idea of the air taxi to more people. You might even call them flying cars, because the idea — hop in and take yourself where you need to go — is about the same.

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