Paris Air Show: Airbus bullish about H160 turnaround

Airbus Helicopters is employing digital technologies to ensure its new H160 medium helicopter spends significantly less time on the production line than its predecessor.

The twin-engine H160 will only spend two months on the final assembly line compared with the Dauphin,  which spent five months in production, Guillaume Faury, CEO at Airbus Helicopters, told journalists at a recent media day.

‘The H160 will only spend 40 days on the final assembly line – that’s eight weeks – compared with 22 weeks for the helicopter its replacing, the Dauphin.’ Faury commented.

Faury noted that the timeline reduction had been assisted by the ‘digital shop floor’ being utilised by the company, resulting in no paperwork and allowing maintenance staff to see the progress of the aircraft in real-time. Robots are also utilised on the assembly line for certain tasks.

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