Operators and OEMs bet on data, connectivity to improve safety

The helicopter industry is still at the brainstorming stage as to how to make the most of the huge amount of data new technologies can collect, transmit and analyze, it appeared at Helitech 2017. Operators and manufacturers are looking for ways to pick the relevant data at the right time. The ultimate outcome is hoped to be improved safety and reduced operating costs.

Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) have long been the prerogative of heavy helicopters. The advent of lower-cost, but still capable, equipment, added to the increasingly widespread use of flight data monitoring, increase the number of gigabytes that can be gathered during a flight. The democratization of connectivity then opens a world of possibilities.

In search-and-rescue, crews sometimes have to be creative and go beyond a procedure, Andrew Rognmo-Hodge, director of flight operations for Norway’s Lufttransport RW, said. In his role, he would like to have a heads-up when such an event has occurred. It could come, for example, from the recording of an unusual value in a hoist parameter.

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