MDHI announces ballistic protection for MD 530-series fuel systems

Seen here in Afghan use, the MD 530F is to be fitted with a new ballistic tolerant crashworthy fuel system (BTCWFS), as will the MD 530G platform. Source: US DoD

MD Helicopters Inc (MDHI) and Robertson Fuel Systems are developing a ‘next-generation’ ballistic protection system for the MD 530 series of light attack and reconnaissance platforms, it was announced on 1 August.

The companies will work together to qualify the ballistic tolerant crashworthy fuel system (BTCWFS) for Model 369FF type-certified aircraft with a US Army Airworthiness Release (AWR). Model 369FF is the official nomenclature for the ‘Little Bird’-type helicopters that MDHI designates the MD 530F and MD 530G.

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