Leonardo opens AW101 Norway Training Centre

Leonardo official opened its AW101 Norway Training Centre at Stavanger Sola Airport. The facility houses a new AW101 Full Flight Simulator and other advanced training devices.

The first training course at the centre, for Royal Norwegian Air Force pilots, already started prior to delivery of the first two of 16 aircraft ordered by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security for search and rescue.

Per-Willy Amundsen, Minister of Justice & Public Security, said at the opening ceremony “I’m delighted to officially open the AW101 Norway Training Centre which enables advanced training courses to be delivered to our search and rescue aircrew here in Norway, utilising the very latest simulation and training technologies. This facility, will not only help reduce the cost of training, but most importantly will enhance safety and enable aircrew to exploit the new capabilities the AW101 helicopter and its systems will provide in service.”

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