Leonardo demonstrates AW159 helicopter to Malaysia’s armed forces

Leonardo, with the support of the U.K.’s 847 Naval Air Squadron, presented its AW159 Wildcat helicopter to Malaysia’s armed forces at Royal Malaysian Navy Base Lumut and Leonardo Helicopters’ facility at Subang Airport last week.

The two AW159 Wildcats are part of the French Navy’s five-month amphibious deployment, Exercise Jeanne d’Arc, to the Middle East, Asia and South Pacific; the aircraft are embarked on the helicopter assault ship FS Dixmude to provide a battlefield reconnaissance capability to the deployed forces.

The AW159 has a semi-rigid rotor head which gives it high agility and the same legendary ship operating capabilities of the Lynx helicopter. It is also fitted with composite rotor blades utilizing the same technology that enabled the Lynx to break the world helicopter speed record.

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