Las Vegas to become 1st H145 law enforcement operator in US

When the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. is able to begin using its new Airbus Helicopters H145, Airbus Helicopters Inc. said it would become the first law enforcement agency in the U.S. to operate the aircraft.

“We fly in some extremely harsh conditions, and we need a helicopter that excels in a grueling hot and high density altitude environment,” said Chief Pilot Steve Morris Jr. of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. “The H145 checks all of the boxes for us.”

Airbus said the department’s selection process included an in-depth review of all helicopters that met its mission requirements. Airbus then gave an on-site, three-day demonstration. Airbus said the demonstration took place during “peak summer heat, at or near max gross weight.”

The department’s Air Support Unit plans to use the H145 primarily for high-altitude rescues in the mountains. Airbus said the department performs some 170 of these rescues each year. The aircraft would also be used to transport specialized officers.

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