Helicopter involved in Charlottesville crash was in previous incident

The Bell 407 helicopter involved in the weekend crash that killed two Virginia State Police officers in Charlottesville crashed in 2010, officials at the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed Tuesday.

That crash occurred in May 2010, when the helicopter lost power during a training flight.  Two troopers were on board, but did not suffer serious injuries. The NTSB said that the probable cause of the crash was faulty maintenance, noting that the shop that had made repairs to the helicopter, which involved the replacement of a deflector plate, was not authorized to do such work.

NTSB officials, who released new details of the Charlottesville crash Monday, said they did not disclose the previous incident because it was not clear if there was any connection between the 2010 incident and the weekend crash. Even so, officials said that it will be considered as part of the broader investigation.

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