French President Emmanuel Macron lowered onto sub via helicopter

French President Emmanuel Macron was lowered onto a nuclear submarine from a helicopter.

His dramatic entrance was captured on social media, where he was compared to James Bond. His visit to Le Terrible, 186 miles off the coast of Brittany, lasted several hours and signaled France’s commitment to nuclear weapons as a deterrent, which Macron described as the “keystone of security”. The country has supported the deterrent since France became a nuclear power in the sixties. “How hardcore is this Macron dude,” Stanley Pignal, a writer for The Economist, tweeted.

“Getting dropped from a chopper onto a sub? This is firmly in James Bond territory.”

The Escadron de transport, d’entraînement et de calibration 00.065, the French Air Force unit, is under the command of the Minister of Defense, and is in charge of the transportation of the President, the Prime Minister and other French government officials. The unit includes three VIP-configured Super Puma helicopters. Macron, 39, the youngest French president since Napoleon, wore a naval uniform for his visit, which coincided with North Korea’s first intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

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