First modernised Mil Mi-171A2 helicopter complete

Russian Helicopters has completed the first serial production example of its modernised Mil Mi-171A2 at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, with three more of the 13t rotorcraft in final assembly.

The initial batch of four helicopters will be transferred to the launch customer before year-end, says the manufacturer.

It has yet to gain certification for the latest version of the long-running Mi-8/-17 line, but flight tests using two prototypes are continuing and the milestone is expected in August, the company has indicated.

Although retaining its familiar shape, the fuselage of the Mi-171A2 has been streamlined, and coupled with high-power Klimov VK2500PS engines – each rated at 2,400shp (1,790kW) – an improved transmission, and new composite main rotor blades, maximum speed is increased to 150kt (280km/h). Additionally, its external payload rises to 5t.

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