Faury to leave Airbus Helicopters in ‘stable’ market environment

Airbus Helicopters CEO Guillaume Faury, who is to become Airbus Commercial Aircraft’s president next month, is leaving the company as rotorcraft sales are anticipated to remain stable this year.

“Around 400 deliveries would be a good objective for 2018,” he said yesterday during a conference call. Last year, Airbus Helicopters delivered 409 helicopters, almost the same number as in 2016 (418). Of 2017’s deliveries, 260 units were for the civil and parapublic sectors. For rotary-wing aircraft with six seats or more, Airbus claims to have a 50 percent market share of civil and parapublic deliveries.

Gross orders stood at 350 (net orders were slightly lower, at 335), meaning Faury’s January 2017 prediction for the year ahead proved accurate both for orders and deliveries.

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