EBACE inspiration zone focuses on future of BizAv

What does the future of business aviation look like, and how might you play a part in that? EBACE show organizers hope that at least some of the answers to these questions will be found in the Innovation Zone. For the third year in a row, the organization dedicated a section of the exhibit floor to specific events that focus on hot topics in the bizav industry. Two of the biggest events this year are Cleared for Take Off: Women’s Networking Event and the YoPro Networking Brunch and Debate. Both focus on the two vital groups that are the future of the bizav industry: women and young professionals.

Cleared for Take Off: Women’s Networking Event takes place on Monday, May 22 at Booth H18. This is the fourth year the event is taking place. According to EBAA events operations manager Bianca Dorneanu, approximately 80 attendees participated in last year’s event, but many more are expected this year. The goal of the Women’s Networking Event is to focus on the positives of being a woman in the aviation industry. While the event is about women, men are invited to join the conversation.

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