Commuters using helicopter taxi apps to beat megacity traffic jams without spending a fortune

Helicopter charters are nothing new, but a new generation of cheaper chopper hailing apps makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone, a credit card and a few hundred US dollars to nip across Asia’s megacities high above the congestion.

Within minutes of using an app to book a ride, Agostino Fernandes is looking down on lush greenery from a helicopter taxi high above Bangalore. He has used one of several Uber-style chopper services taking off to help commuters tackle increasingly congested megacities.

In less than 30 minutes – a quarter of the time it would have taken by road – Fernandes is strolling through Kempegowda International Airport to his gate.

“It’s much better than the usual car or taxi because it saves time,” he says.

“And for a city like Bangalore, which they call India’s green capital because of the parks and gardens, you get a very nice view.”

From New York to Jakarta, chopper hailing services are helping commuters beat the traffic chaos.

Private helicopter charters have been available for decades – at a price – but the latest services are far cheaper and more accessible to the public, allowing anyone with a smartphone and a credit card to order a ride with relative ease.

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