CHC Helicopters threatens to sack all UK pilots

CHC Helicopters have threatened to sack all their 85 UK based pilots if each pilot does not agree to negotiations aimed at reducing their annual pay. 

Oil and Gas People has learned that CHC Scotia Ltd is seeking to change the terms and conditions of all their UK-based pilots – preferably via negotiation, but if not, by imposition.

The proposed pay negotiations are set to take place between the 24th May and the 23rdJune 2017 with CHC threatening to terminate the contracts of those unwilling to negotiate. If any pilots were to have their employment terminated, CHC intend to offer new contracts on revised and inferior terms.

It is unlikely CHC’s pilots will willingly accept pay reductions, as helicopter pilots require thousands of flight hours to fly commercially and are required to continually develop their skills. Pilot salaries are relative to the technical skill sets required and the decision for one operator to reduce salaries beyond the norm could result in an out-flux of experienced pilots.

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