Bristow launches SAR consortium

Bristow U.S., LLC officially launched a new search-and-rescue (SAR) consortium in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year with the award of a deep-water medevac and SAR service contract with Shell Offshore, Inc.

In the works since Bristow took over CHI Aviation’s SAR base in Galliano, Louisiana, in mid-2016, the Bristow SAR consortium is designed to provide advanced SAR and critical care lifesaving services to its members in a model designed to reduce members’ overall SAR costs compared to solely using ad hoc services.

“Bristow has a long history of providing SAR capabilities around the world, with more than 65,000 SAR hours flown,” said Bristow Americas regional director Samantha Willenbacher. “We want to provide this same advanced level of SAR service and medical care to the people in and around the Gulf that no one else is able to provide.”

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