Black Shark attack helicopters to arrive in Egypt soon: Russian Deputy Prime Minister

As part of a bilateral agreement signed in 2015, Egypt’s Air Force will soon be enhanced by a delivery of Kamov Ka-50, a Russian-made single-seat attack helicopter, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.

According to state-run Russia Today, Rogozin’s statements came during a press conference on Friday during which he was questioned about the delivery date for the first batch of Kamov Ka-50.

The 2015 deal stipulates that 46 “Black Shark” helicopters will be delivered to Egypt. Recently, the head of the Kamov Ka-50 manufacturer Andriah Bogsinki said the first batch will be delivered in summer 2017.

These helicopters are enhanced by state-of the art arming technologies, including electro-optical observation and laser targeting system, Arbalet-52 radar, reconnaissance and detection targets, as well as anti-tank and ship missiles.

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