Bell – selling more, getting less

Bell delivered 46 commercial helicopters in the first quarter of 2018, up from the 27 sold in the same period last year, but revenues from commercial sales fell.

Textron’s first-quarter report for 2018 showed a growth in overall revenue and profit for Bell. However, the company has reported lower but unspecified commercial revenues than Q1 2017 due to the type of aircraft it sold.  The breakdown of the types helicopters sold was not disclosed, nor was the commercial revenue figure, though as a whole Bell’s quarterly revenue rose by 8% to $752 million, with greater military revenue being off-set by lower commercial sales revenue.

Bell was also Textron’s most profitable manufacturing segment this year’s first quarter, generating $87 million in profit, up from the $83 million in the first quarter last year, representing a 4.8% growth. Textron attributes this growth to the higher volume of aircraft sold. It closed off the first quarter with a $3.6 billion backlog.

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