Airbus offers H225 helicopters to Polish Police

On April 11 Radio ZET published information about the possible purchase of two UH-60 / S70 Black Hawk helicopters for the needs of the Polish Police. The case was revealed by accident, when the manufacturer – Lockheed Martin company posted a job advertisement for a serviceman of this type of helicopters in the version for the Polish Police. However, this information has not been officially confirmed (as well as denied) so far or from the potential ordering party, that is the Police or the Ministry of Interior and Administration, nor from the American manufacturer.

It is also worth adding that public proceedings for the purchase of this kind of helicopters has not been announced. Despite this, Airbus Helicopters declared its readiness to deliver two H225 helicopters by the end of this year for the needs of the Polish Police’s anti-terrorist unit. Below we publish the full wording of the statement received in this matter.

“Airbus Helicopters confirms that by the end of this year it is ready to deliver two H225 helicopters to meet the requirements of the Police anti-terrorist unit in Poland. The company has forwarded its proposal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and is open to further discussions in this matter with the relevant authorities.

Airbus Helicopters is a leading supplier of equipment for law enforcement units and has a 30% share in this segment of the global helicopter market. The company’s products are used by the most elite units in the world.”

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